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The story of Merian C. Cooper is truly one of the "Greatest Stories Never Told"!

Born in Jacksonville, Florida in 1893, Cooper was an American aviator, United States Air Force and Polish Air Force officer. He was a founding board member of Pan American Airways, adventurer, screenwriter, film director, and producer of films--the most famous of which was the movie: "King Kong".

Following World War I, where Cooper was a distinguished bomber pilot, he was the moving spirit behind the creation of the Kosciuszko Squadron of the Polish Air Force. Cooper was linked to Poland by the fact that his great grandfather had fought alongside Kazimierz Pulaski during the American Revolution. The elder Cooper had served alongside Pulaski, Kosciusszko’s fellow-Pole, who was killed in Savannah, Georgia in 1779, after playing a lead in creating the American cavalry. Hearing the story in his youth, Cooper felt a deep, personal and long-lasting gratitude to Pulaski, who had come all the way from Poland to help America in its hour of need. In particular, he was impressed by Pulaski’s statement to General George Washington: "I have come where freedom is being defended to serve it, and to live and die for it."

From late 1919 until the 1921 Treaty of Riga, Cooper was a member of this elite Polish squadron named for Kosciuszko, which supported the Polish Army in the Polish-Soviet War. Cooper’ plane was shot down and he spent 9 months as a Soviet prisoner of war before escaping. For his valor, he was decorated with the highest Polish military decoration--the Virtuti Militari.
The film treatment that follows, focuses on the part of Cooper’s amazing career that involves the attempted re-payment of America’s debt to Poland during our American Revolution. It opens with Cooper being honored with an Oscar by the Hollywood community in 1953. He stands to respond to the applause of the audience and says:
"This is a wonderful moment…but…true honor is reserved for the real men and women throughout the world who face evil ... stand up to it…and risk their lives so that others might live free...."

The story of Merian C. Cooper is a story that simply MUST be told and you can help tell it!

The Foundation to Illuminate America's Heroes’ mission is to discover and illuminate stories of true American heroes in every field, past and present. We think that you will agree after reading this film treatment that the story of Merian C. Cooper is one of an outstanding American whose story can inspire present and future generations of Americans. To illuminate this story of a great American citizen, Merian C. Cooper, the Foundation plans to launch a campaign to actively seek the profound help and support of the American public as well as the motion picture industry to finance a feature film on this inspirational story of a true American hero. The Foundation believes that this will be the first time in history of a feature film project will be financed by tax-deductible donations from the grassroots public.

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