About us

It has been said that we are only a generation away from forgetting our history. A vital part of that history is the personal accounts of heroes whose unselfish actions have contributed to the traditions and values that represent the soul of America. The mission of The Foundation to Illuminate America’s Heroes–formed as an IRS-approved 501(c)3 non-profit public charity with tax deductible status–is to search for, discover and illuminate America’s heroes both past and present.

The foundation will accomplish this in two ways. First, the foundation staff will discover and illuminate inspirational, true stories of American heroes. When a hero is named, the mission of the Foundation will be to illuminate that hero in the most appropriate way through film, television, books, magazines and feature articles.  Once that initial mission is completed new heroes will be discovered and identified by the American public through the foundation’s website and social networking activities. The foundation will actively promote the most popular stories to film producers, screenplay writers, top-tier actors, television producers and book publishers. The foundation will also illuminate and promote the most inspirational stories on television and radio talk shows around the country, both locally and nationally. The foundation will develop proprietary film treatments (for which it will hold the licensing rights) of the most inspirational and popular stories.

The Foundation to Illuminate America’s Heroes, Inc., is a IRS-approved tax-exempt Public Charity, whose Founding Board is comprised of David C. Jamison as Executive Director and Directors Randy Anderson and William Ciosek. Mr. Jamison was a key deputy to Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter Jack Anderson for many years in Washington, DC. It was Jack Anderson’s dream to form a foundation to illuminate America’s heroes through motion pictures, television shows, books, and educational programs. The Foundation is created in loving memory of Jack Anderson.

It was also Jack Anderson’s specific dream to develop the inspirational true story of Merian Cooper and his fellow American fighter pilots of The Kosciuszko Squadron into a major motion picture for the whole world to see. Jack Anderson’s son, Randy, is a founding director of the foundation as is their mutual lifetime friend, William Ciosek. Mr. Ciosek has spent many years researching the story of Merian C. Cooper and The Kosciuszko Squadron and has written the film treatment that the Foundation will develop into a major motion picture for the whole world to see.

International Advisory Board

The following experts from America and Poland have joined the Foundation’s initial International Advisory Board to assist in the development of a major Hollywood feature film to tell the inspirational true story of Merian C. Cooper and the famed Kosciuszko Squadron to the whole world. The experts who have joined our initial International Advisory Board will bring additional prominent members of both the Hollywood and Polish film communities to this Board and team. Together they will assist the Foundation to develop and produce a major Hollywood feature film of this great story for the world to see.”

Anthony J. Bajdek, Chairman, is President/Founder, American Association of the Friends of Kosciuszko at West Point; National Vice President for American Affairs, Polish American Congress; President/Founder, Polish American Congress of New Hampshire; and Associate Dean (ret.) and Senior Lecturer in History, Northeastern University.

James V. D’Arc, Ph.D., is Curator of the BYU Motion Picture Archive and the Arts and Communications Archive, L. Tom Perry Special Collections at Brigham Young University.  Dr. D’Arc has taught motion picture history for over 30 years. The Merian C. Cooper Papers were acquired for BYU by Dr. D’Arc in 1986 and contain correspondance, scripts, unrealized projects, scrapbooks and over 800 photographs spanning the length of Cooper’s amazing career.  The Cooper Papers have been used for many articles, television documentaries and the basis for Mark Vaz’s biography of General Cooper, Living Dangerously (New York: Villard, 2005)

Mr. Ludomir Lasocki currently serves as an Advisor to the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Poland.  He is actively involved in helping to illuminate historical details and heroism of Polish history.  Mr. Lasocki was associated with and was an active supporter of the underground Solidarnosc organization during communist rule in Poland. He was born in London, England and likes to maintain close links with the Polish diaspora throughout the world.

Dr. Michael Peszke, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, University of Connecticut, Consultant to the Kosciuszko Squadron Exhibit at the New England Air Museum which was supported by the Polish-American community, and, is a Historian who has published numerous works on Polish Military history, including the Kosciuszko Squadron.

Michal Orzechowski, a journalist and writer in Poland. He is the author of the screenplay “Wings of Freedom-1920”, a screenplay about the true story of Merian C. Cooper and the Kosciuszko Squadron in the Polish-Soviet War of 1919-1920. His screenplay received a scholarship and is supported and backed by the Polish Film Institute in Poland.

Pawel Biel is a Polish-American Cinematographer based out of New York City. He has worked on a number of films, documentaries and commercials for clients including Warner Brothers, the History Channel, SYFY, BRAVO, BBC, NBC and ABC. The story of Marian C. Cooper and the Kosciuszko Squadron has greatly influenced and inspired Mr. Biel’s work and life. He is originally from Krakow.

Tomasz Jegierski is the founder and CEO of FT Films in Poland. He and his company specialize in the production and distribution of true historical films. FT Films is recently doing promotion and distribution of “Five Days of War” about the war in the Republic of Georgia, staring Val Kilmer, Dean Cain and Andy Garcia. The film, directed by Renny Harlin, will have a Polish premiere at the Krakow Film Festival on April 14, 2012.

Igor I. Sirkorsky, JR, Esq..son of aviation pioneer and Founder of Sikorsky Aircraft, has been active in aviation history both as a lecturer and author. Active in Polish American groups as Vice President of the Polish American Cultural Club of Greater Hartford and Counsel to the National Polish American Cultural Club. Mr. Sikorsky has been involved in the presentation of the history of the Kosciuszko Squadron and the role of Merian C. Cooper as an American hero.

Harvey Hubbell V is the CEO/Director, Producer of Captured Time Productions, LLC, a documentary film company that has won more than 50 film and video festival awards, including four Emmys.  He  shares an 80-acre Avid-equipped farm with his wife, Ande Haas Hubbell, the “2001 Connecticut Filmmaker of the Year”.  The company is set to release their latest documentary on dyslexia, entitled “Dislecksia: The Movie”

William Ciosek is a founding Board member of the Foundation. He has researched the story of Merian C. Cooper and the Kosciuszko Squadron for over 15 years. He has written the film treatment entitled “Honor to You” which is available within the Foundation’s website at www.illuminateamericasheroes.com

Nolan W. Peterson is a former special operations pilot and veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq.  He is now a journalist covering national security issues and writing about his adventures around the world.  He is the National Director of the Foundation’s “Campaign to Remember Our Benghazi Heroes” www.benghaziheroescampaign.com


The Foundation and its Executive Director, David C. Jamison can be reached at: davidj@illuminateamericasheroes.com, or by calling (334)-718-9501.